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The Munros

Having spent so much time as a youngster in the country during my summer holidays, it was only natural that later in life I’d have a calling back there. From around the age of 14, most of my spare time had been dedicated to my golf and after I embarked on the Ladies European Tour, there was little time for much else. 

In 1996 with more spare time on my hands, I spent a memorable day up Lochnagar with some of my family – glorious blue sky, a warm breeze on the summit and fantastic views over the Cairngorms. From then on, I started to spend most of my days off up in the hills enjoying the peace and solitude. After quite a scary experience getting lost in the mist, I decided it was time I learnt a bit more about mountain safety and navigation. My sister and I joined a class run by Alan Crichton Mountain Skills and that opened up a whole new world for me, giving me the confidence to venture out on my own and explore the mountains of Scotland. It was a fantastic way to see my own country. 
I have travelled to the trekking peaks of the Nepal Himalayas a couple of times and done an expedition on the Patagonian Ice Cap and although those trips were unforgettable experiences, I am never happier than tramping through Scotland’s hills. 
I completed the ‘Munros’ in 2004 but that has not stopped me from enjoying my days out in the hills.   Scotland’s hills have given me years of pleasure and wonderful memories – the smell of the heather in my nostrils, the wind in my hair, hearing the deer roaring in the glen, scrambling across a challenging ridge, and even the wonderful Scottish midgie!
Anyone who hasn’t spent a day in the hills doesn’t realise what they are missing.